Windham Council

The Windham Council is the government for all of Brent. The Brotherhood, the Maidens of the Silver, the Druids of Brent, and the Guildsmen make up the four governing seats of the Council. These groups are considered to represent the four pillars of Brent’s values: Faith, Strength, Wisdom, and Success. The Windham Council views itself sovereign over every inch of the Island of Brent and the Ternion Isles.


Each Pillar of Value is represented by a faction and specifically by a Councilor.

However, in spite of having four councilors and four Pillars of Value, the Faith Pillar is utmost of the four, and thus the Grand Amon is chief amongst his peers. Due to this hierarchy, the other three Councilors serve more as advisers to the Grand Amon and their titles are more ceremonial.

Windham Council

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