Maidens of the Silver

The Maidens of the Silver are the military arm of the Brotherhood and they employ only women as per their name. The Maidens of the Silver are particularly lethal versus the undead and the unholy and serve as guards all over Brent, particularly in Windham and on the Dead Woods border.


The military nature of the Maidens of the Silver informs their reporting structure. The highest ranking Maiden at any given time is the High Maiden. The Maidens of the Silver hierarchy is as follows:

  • High Maiden
  • Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • Commander
  • Maiden

Office of the High Maiden

The High Maiden is the foremost in charge of the Maidens of the Silver and reports directly to the Grand Amon via the Windham Council. Her duties include issuing orders to her Lieutenants and dictating the direction of the Maidens.

Office of the Lieutenants

The High Maiden has 5 Lieutenants who are positioned throughout the Island of Brent and Ternion Isles. Each Lieutenant is sovereign over her outpost and has a given jurisdiction by region as follows:

Smaragdine and the Maidens of the Silver

In addition to the outposts, the Maidens of Silver have a massive Headquarters and barracks which have spread over decades to cover most of the available land in the town of Ingram with a military compound.

The primary reason for this expansion is the gross product of Ingram’s mining venture into the Emerald Mines.

Maidens of the Silver

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