Druids of Brent

The Druids of Brent are an underworld society that see it their duty to make sure that all things stay balanced. Specifically, the Druids of Brent are in a constant battle with the perception amongst the Brents that they are evil and out to dominate Brent. This perception stems from the ominous nature of the Druids of Brent headquarters, Nos Ignale, in the Dead Woods


All graduated Druids of Brent are members of the Druid Council of Brent, a large parliament-style house, lead by the High Druid. In Brent’s case, the High Druid has been Father Lumin since time before history.


The Druids of Brent worship a strong relationship the Brent itself. The Druids harvest and live symbiotically with the Earth Magic rooted deep within Brent by The EverDawn Tree. This style of worship and philosophy is a driving factor behind the ages-old stigma which looms over the Druidic lifestyle.

Druids of Brent

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